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White Clover

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White Clover Productions

A Canadian entertainment production company founded late 2011.

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Clover’s #IceBucketChallenge with ohsatsune

This is to spread awareness of neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and so on. If you donate please donate with careful research to make educated donations.

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Pisces Update and a short Q&A!

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Watch the MV ‘End of a Dream’:

Watch the MV ‘End of a Dream’:

Watch the MV ‘End of a Dream’:

Watch the MV ‘End of a Dream’:

Director’s commentary for α·Pav’s - τ - End of a Dream MV

This project was the first time I’ve worked in a very abstract way. Typically, I prefer to plan my shoots with the basic concept, which leads to some rough story boarding and/or scriptwriting. The process then grows to form into the experience which I upload online to share with everyone.

This time I went on set with absolutely no storyboard, just a rough idea of what we decided on. ‘We’ includes Jenn Satsune (ohsatsune) and I. It was my first time collaborating with another person to come up with a concept for a video. Our back bone was α·Pav’s (oukaitou) piece titled ‘τ’ (Greek alphabet: ταυ [taf]), from there we came up with a first idea. One that proved to be difficult to shoot with our minimal locations. The vision was too grand to carry out the original idea in a way which it deserves.

So we formed another idea that would be more fitting to the locations we had access to. Our locations were Mississauga and Toronto! Mainly Toronto with the flashbacks taking place in Mississauga.

The concept is simple. A girl is walking through the city as she reminisces about her past. That was the intent, however it’s kept simple to allow for other interpretations. What did you feel when watching this video?

This was also the first time I worked with slow motion heavily in a project. The entire video was shot in 60fps, which later was simply slowed down in the editor to the percentage I felt appropriate per clip.

The part with overlaying images was something that didn’t occur to me until I was actually in the edit room, but it worked out quite beautifully. The intent is to show a small glimpse into her memories as she walks down the sidewalk. Instead of having clips crosscutting between the walking and the memories, the typical way to show flashbacks, I overlay-ed the shot of the memory with the walking clip and simply applied different blending modes to each shot. After getting the right look I fine tuned it by playing with the opacity.

The cool factor of this shot aside - I feel that it was much better suited to have done it this way, rather than crosscutting, simply because it fits the music!

If you’ve read this far, thank you for taking the time to read into my thoughts a little, and I hope to continue these detailed ramblings for all projects to come!

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Patience Pisces. We will be filming it in early August. I have strong intentions to release it in August. We are working on other videos as well because the series is coming to an end so please bare on delay’s that may occur.

Thanks so much for your support with this project for the past two years! It’s been a huge learning experience.

Capricorns, woe is you!

This is Capricorn, in a twelve part series exploring female zodiac personality traits. Featuring ohsatsune!

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The series explores the lives of twelve different girls, 
their differences are marked by their zodiac signs.
They are each faced with a break up. Each episode presents a similar scenario.
The difference is in how each character reacts to the situation. 
Their reactions are based on the stereotypical zodiac traits.

Episodes filmed:

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capricious17 said: When will the capricorn video come out?

The sound for the Capricorn episode is currently being mixed! We’re aiming to release it early next week.

A girl walks through a city as she reminisces about her past love.

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Anonymous said: Was the amc theater in the video in VA beach????

Yes it was the one at Lynnhaven mall. recorded the parts in VA.

Our YouTube Channel Trailer - Why Movies Matter.

Female VO by Jenn Satsune:

A short narrative piece describing why movies and stories matter to us. This is our philosophy as to why we do what we do. 

It is our belief that stories help shape our ideas, goals and possibly choices. 

We hope to bring you an array of stories to experience, relate and enjoy all the same.

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Female VO by Jenn Satsune:

Jenn Satsune:

α·Pav - Sleep Around Stars /

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Zodiac Society

HD Video > White Clover x α·Pav Collaboration 

α·Pav is a composer hailing from Asia. Known for his unique style of blending the music of nature and the music of instruments into compositions that soothe the soul.

Download this track ‘δ' and others:
Follow his music on SoundCloud:

is a cover of the famous Gymnopédie compositions by Erik Satie. 

Scenery Location: Milton, Ontario, Canada

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Who will be at AN 2014 this year!?

What happened to the Zodiac Break-Up Series? Well, here’s a sneak peak of the Capricorn script! BAM!*✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧

What happened to the Zodiac Break-Up Series? Well, here’s a sneak peak of the Capricorn script! BAM!